The Mysterious Case of the Gentleman of Heligoland

In July 1994, the body a man was fished out of the North Sea, near the German Island of Heligoland. Dressed smartly and with a complete absence of identifying information, the body was simply named ”The Gentleman”. Nearly thirty years later the body is still unnamed and unclaimed. And with injuries that suggested foul play, his killers have got away with murder. From the team that brought you The Mysterious Case of Fred the Head, join us as we take a deep dive into one of Europe’s coldest cases, and try to piece together what might have happened. Uncovering new clues, new possibilities and, just maybe, the truth.

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Episode 7 - Current Affairs

Saturday Apr 30, 2022

Saturday Apr 30, 2022

There’s a lot going on. We find another piece of information about the man who went missing from the Pride of Flanders, explore how the currents in the English Channel and North Sea may takes objects far from where they entered the water, and then the police issue a new press release that reveals some interesting insights into how their thoughts are developing and provides some new information we can immediately get to work with.

Sunday Apr 17, 2022

We are able to identity someone in Heligoland who may be able to helps us, and they cast a completely new light on the mystery. 

Sunday Apr 03, 2022

I'd been away on holiday – but I get two missed calls from Toronto Missing Persons with news of their missing person. We also uncover something strange going on that means that the discovery of the unidentified body of the Gentleman of Heligoland wasn’t the only mystery that happened in the North Sea in Summer 1994 and these two mysteries may just be connected.

Thursday Mar 17, 2022

We take an even deeper dive into the shoes with the help of the of one of the UK's leading footwear experts, who has some very interesting ideas on the shoe and what it tells us about its wearer.
Iain and Jo may just have solved another US missing persons case and in the search for more clues, I have a bright idea that pays dividends.

Episode 3 - Brighton Rock

Sunday Mar 06, 2022

Sunday Mar 06, 2022

I’ve received the Death Certificate for Michael Sterling Dean and that’s the key to find out how important he is to the Gentleman of Heligoland investigation and also to an historic missing persons case in Toronto, Canada from 1991.
But, in a new development, something has been troubling us about the evidence that is in the public domain. Something’s not quite right about it………..

Episode 2 - The Third Man

Saturday Feb 26, 2022

Saturday Feb 26, 2022

After he first episode, we have a body of a very tall man found off Heligoland found in 1994 wearing a Canadian tie. We also have a man of the same unusual height in Canada who went missing in 1991. But it can’t be that simple can it?......

Sunday Feb 20, 2022

In July 1994 a body was fished out of the North Sea near the German island of Heligoland, wearing smart clothes but with no obvious means of identification.
The body became known as “The Gentleman”
Today, Nearly thirty years later, he remains unnamed and unclaimed; waiting for someone to solve the riddle of “The Gentleman of Heligoland”


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